Wellness CareAt Monroe Veterinary Service, we encourage all pets to be seen yearly. The annual wellness exam is an opportunity for our clients to discuss any behavioral or health questions directly with their veterinarian. Your pet’s healthy baseline is recorded, allowing future subtle changes to be identified, including items such as weight gain or loss, changes in mental alertness, changes in bathroom habits, and changes in mobility. Your pet’s lifestyle will be discussed, helping your doctor to choose appropriate vaccinations for your pet while avoiding excessive vaccination. An annual fecal test may be recommended to identify parasites that can also infect human family members. External parasites, especially fleas and ticks, are often identified as surprise guests during exams, and treatment recommendations can be started immediately. As our patients age, additional care may be offered, including blood screening, urinalysis, and blood pressure readings. We enjoy advising our clients about all life stages of their pets, helping you to provide the highest life quality possible for your valued family member.